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PD Seminars specialise in conducting seminars and training programmes.
We have been providing training to social workers, counsellors, teachers, RTLBs, youth workers and others for over 25 years.

  • We aim to provide top quality and relevant seminars by selecting topics and speakers that are practical, up-to-date and worthwhile.
  • We are an Auckland-based company.
  • We use speakers and trainers from a wide range of backgrounds including universities, other agencies and private practitioners.


Current Seminars

Childhood Trauma: Trauma Sensitive Practice in Schools

Thursday 28th May 2014
This seminar is for any professional or caregiver wanting to work with trauma-affected children or young people, in a more informed way. Beth Guy is programme manager of the Training and Professional Development Programme for the Australian Childhood Foundation.

Implications of the Treaty of Waitangi on Professional Practice

Thursday 4th June 2015
The Treaty of Waitangi, NZ’s founding document, was meant to be a partnership between Maori and the British Crown. Although the intention was to create unity, different understandings of The Treaty and breaches of it, have caused conflict. So what then, is th ...


Thursday 25th - Friday 26th June 2015
This 2 day workshop with Margaret Thorsborne is designed for those staff in restorative schools who have additional line management or supervisory responsibilities. This workshop assumes a working knowledge of, and experience with, restorative ...

Mauri Ora – Realising Maori Potential

Thursday 26th November 2015
with Professor Sir Mason Durie and Meihana Durie, PhD.
This seminar will focus on attitudinal shifts by the incorporation of Maori values and Maori world views into education, health, and social services.