Relationships at Work

A Two-Day Workshop with Margaret Thorsborne

Thursday 23rd November and Friday 24th November 2017

This 2 day workshop with Margaret Thorsborne has been very well received in other parts of New Zealand and Australia. It is designed for those staff who have line management or supervisory responsibilities e.g. Senior leadership teams, Heads of Faculty, Syndicate and other team leaders, Deans, and BOT members.

One of the great issues around accepting promotion to such a position is how profoundly it can alter one’s relationships with colleagues – becoming people managers on top of technical expertise. It is probably more accurately defined as relationship management! This is perhaps one of the greatest challenges in schools – holding colleagues accountable for the issues and behaviours that affect relationships in teams and faculties. This workshop will provide participants with a better understanding of, and skill in, what’s needed to create, maintain and repair workplace relationships. The workshop will cover:

  • Conditions for creating a robust, productive and emotionally healthy workplace/team.
  • Analysis of relationship difficulties in order to decide on appropriate process.
  • Practice at designing the right process.
  • Understanding the complexities that may get in the way of process.
  • Understanding emotions in positive and negative workplaces.
  • Application and practice of restorative process (case study approach).

Margaret Thorsborne is a Brisbane-based trainer and facilitator. She has an international reputation for her work in restorative justice. She is an outstanding presenter, and the author of many books and articles. She is one of our most popular presenters.

When: 9:15am – 3:00pm, Thursday 23 and Friday 24 November 2017

Where: Kohia Education Centre, Gate 1, 78 Epsom Avenue, Epsom, Auckland
(Parking in Student Carpark, Gate 2, Top Floor Only is reserved for Kohia Centre)

Cost: $440.00 (incl GST)


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